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WPC Cricket Club are excited to be developing girls cricket within the club. An all-female team has been set up to coordinate the program and run training activities. Karen, Janithi and Isobel are all avid cricket fans and keen to see girls love cricket as much as they do!

Key objectives are to encourage girls to participate in cricket, to have fun and to be able to have all girl teams with a competition of their own. 

The first phase of this is participating in the Chelmer Cricket Competition, an all girls teams competition against other clubs within the district. This program runs on a Friday evening from 5:30-7:00pm. Teams are formed based on skills and the first goal for WPC Cricket is to be able to run a Stage 1 team in the competition. 

Besides the all-girls competition, there is also the option for girls new to cricket to participate in the Junior Blaster or Master Blaster programs for an introduction to cricket. 

For any enquiries, contact Karen Franklin, Girls Cricket Co-Ordinator, at girlscricket@wpccricket.com.au or 0422 373 171.




Click here to register. Prices are highly competitive to encourage participation. This season our girls cricket program will be supported by some grant funds enabling the club to purchase some new equipment to be used for the program.   


To check out WPC Cricket's Pathways and Programs click here.

Ages: 8-17


Introductory Sessions: Weekly from Thursday 2 September to 23 September, 5-6:30pm

1 night a week

Game Days: Friday evening

Costs:  Full Season (Pre & Post Xmas) $5.00 
Season Dates:  Pre-Xmas - Friday evenings, 8 October-10 December 2021
Post-Xmas - Friday evenings, 28 January-11 March 2022 


Women's Grade Cricket

WPC Cricket are taking expressions of interest for a women's team. If you are interested, let us know (email girlscricket@wpccricket.com.au).

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