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WPC Cricket is encouraging girls to come and try cricket.  We are offering a girl’s only program for girls from beginner to the more experienced.  The registration fees are very competitive - see below.  Girls can also register for the Junior Blaster and Master Blaster programs played on Friday nights although the fees for those are higher than those for the Saturday programs.  Click here to register.  This season our girls cricket program will be supported by some grant funds enabling the club to purchase some new equipment to be used for the program.   


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For more information please contact Brad Freeman, President president@wpccricket.com.au  

Ages: 8-17


Come and Try Sessions: 

Friday 31 August - 5 - 7 pm 

  Friday 14 September - 5.30 - 7 pm 


Training: 1 night a week


Game Days: Saturday


Costs:  Full Season (Pre & Post Xmas) $115.00

Pre-Xmas: 12 Oct – 7 Dec $60.00

Post-Xmas: 1 Feb—15 Mar $60.00



Women's Grade Cricket


Comp: Premier Women's Grade (1 & 2)


Age: Opens


When: September- March



        Western Suburbs Cricket Club

        University of Queensland Cricket Club

        South Brisbane Cricket Club




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