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Team Manager and Scorer


The Team Manager is an essential to the success of each team. Team Managers look after the administration and communication of the team which includes keeping players and parents (junior teams) up to date with what is happening with the team and the club at large. It's important to be aware of the different club policy and rules to ensure you are able to effectively communicate with players and/or parents.  Managers have a vital role in administrative matters associated with the team including MyCricket results recording and administration associated with club events - social, Presentation and fund raising e.g raffles.  


A Scorer is required for all games.  Often this is a rotated or rostered role. For Junior or Super 8 teams who have a consistent scorer for all games in a season there is a reward available.  


At the start of each season the club hosts a Junior Coaches and Managers meeting which helps induct Managers of junior teams and allows you to ask any questions you may have.


We have a volunteer reward system to show our appreciation for taking on the Manager's role.  If you're interested in applying for a Manager's role,  please consider the Manager Task Sheet  and if still interested advise the Senior  Junior or Youth Cricket Manager.  Further detail about the Volunteer Application process can be found by clicking here.  


If you're interested in applying for a Scorer's role, please consider the Scorer Task Sheet  and if still interested advise the Team Manager or Junior or Youth Cricket Manager.  Further detail about the Volunteer Application process can be found by clicking here.   


Throughout the season if Managers have any questions they can contact their age groups' Cricket Manager (Junior/Youth/Senior) and Scorers should contact the Team Manager.


Registering as a Volunteer on MyCricket and Applying for a Blue Card

1. Register as a Club Member with WPC Cricket here

2. Apply for your Blue Card and/or email Blue Card details to


Ground Locations

Games can be played at a variety of locations and we have multiple home grounds. For our home ground locations click here.

Policies & Procedures

WPC Cricket Guide for Coaches and Managers of Junior Teams

MSW Junior Zone Rules and QSDCA Rules

Codes of Conduct: Parents & Spectators and Players

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