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Volunteer Rewards*


We appreciate all the hard work our volunteers put in each year to ensure our players have the best cricketing experience possible. We also know that it takes time and a lot of effort to make cricket at this club run as smoothly as it does. Each volunteering role is eligible for a reward if you wish to accept it. The volunteer reward and recognition system is part of our modern club management approach.



Positions Within Band

Band 1


Management Committee

Band 2


Jnr Cricket Manager, Yth Cricket Manager, Director of  Coaching

 Band 2


Snr Cricket Manager, Academy Manager

Band 3 


L2 Coach, Merchandising, Grant Writer

 Band 4



Equipment Officer/First Aid Contact  

Band 5


Web Admin

Band 6


L 1 Coaches, Snr Team Captain, Social Media, Canteen/Social Organiser

Band 7


New Coach, Team Manager, Assistant Coach, Snr Vice-Captain

Band 8


Key Holder, Scorer

General Volunteer(sign-on day, pre-season days, 6 a side days, Presentation day and in our canteen, fundraising and/or social events)

$10 Credit Per Hour Service up to a Max $100


*To be eligible for a Volunteer Reward, the following needs to occur:

  • Read Task Sheet and if you accept the Tasks,  complete the attached Application and e-mail it to the Volunteer Coordinator/Secretary.
  • The Management Committee will consider the application based on your motivations and skills.
  • If approved, and you have not attended an Induction Training session you will need to do this before payment can be made.

  • A Blue Card application where required is to be lodged or your Blue Card presented to the Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Once all these steps are completed the reward can then be paid to your nominated bank account.


General Volunteering

Our general volunteers can help out with anything around the club, from helping set up for events to cooking the BBQ. In addition to the thanks you'll receive from our members, the club rewards general volunteering with a $10 per hour refund (up to $100 per season). If you're keen to volunteer contact our club secretary.


Applications for general volunteer rewards are invited twice in the season, just before Christmas and at the end of the season.  All that is required from you is for you to apply for a reward stating the hours you worked, the work you did and who can verify this (i.e. who arranged for you to do the work) and forward the application to the club treasurer.  


'Bring a Mate' Reward

If you bring a new junior member to the club you can receive a $35 voucher to use on club clothing. Contact the club secretary if you have signed up a friend.


Secure a Sponsor

If you secure a sponsorship of $500 for the club you will be rewarded a finders fee of $100 to put towards the cost of your fees. Please note you will be required to seek committee approval before the company is contacted about sponsorship.  Once approved by the President you will be given the green light to talk to the company.  Contact the President for more information.


Fundraising Rewards

Fundraise in addition to whole of club fundraising activities and 50% of the profit after costs can be put to reducing your fees.  Contact the club secretary for more information.




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