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Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    Sorted ascending. Click again to sort descending.TeamMatW1W2DrawL1L2%Win
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U12 Div 298010089%
    MSW:Pre Christmas U14 Div 253110080%
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U13 Div 297011078%
    MSW:Post-Xmas U11 Div 232001067%
    MSW:Post-Christmas Open T20 Heat League21001050%
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U11 Div 294014044%
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U10 Div 173013043%
    QSDCA:B1 Grade134125138%
    MSW:Post-Xmas U11 Div 231002033%
    MSW:Pre Christmas U15-17 Open Div 2 Red41012025%
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U11 Div 292016022%
    QSDCA:C1 Grade13101928%
    MSW:Post Christmas U13 T20 Heat League2000200%
    MSW:Post Christmas U14 T20 Heat League3000300%
    MSW:Post-Xmas U10 Div 11000100%
    MSW:Post-Xmas U123000300%
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U10 Div 21000100%
    MSW:Post-Xmas Super 7s       
    MSW:Post-Xmas Super 7s       
    MSW:Post-Xmas U10 Div 2       
    MSW:Pre-Xmas Super 7s1001000%

    Season batting statistics
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U12 Div 216013151.651908.39012
    MSW:Pre Christmas U14 Div 210473629.081855.65135
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U13 Div 29305716.321914.86009
    MSW:Post-Xmas U11 Div 23511819.50754.68004
    MSW:Post-Christmas Open T20 Heat League1961414.00209.80002
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U11 Div 29243724.972054.50017
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U10 Div 18074418.341206.73000
    QSDCA:B1 Grade223513017.195753.881624
    MSW:Post-Xmas U11 Div 2281931.22515.46005
    MSW:Pre Christmas U15-17 Open Div 2 Red8253325.001854.44115
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U11 Div 27574915.451724.390016
    QSDCA:C1 Grade212615713.546153.460531
    MSW:Post Christmas U13 T20 Heat League161246.71473.37008
    MSW:Post Christmas U14 T20 Heat League3302016.50585.69024
    MSW:Post-Xmas U10 Div 1145818.13207.25000
    MSW:Post-Xmas U123902416.25606.50007
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U10 Div 22271416.21405.68000
    MSW:Post-Xmas Super 7s00      
    MSW:Post-Xmas Super 7s00      
    MSW:Post-Xmas U10 Div 200      
    MSW:Pre-Xmas Super 7s00      

    Season bowling statistics
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U12 Div 2676339.451743.640
    MSW:Pre Christmas U14 Div 275169922.653434.940
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U13 Div 2685678.341793.151
    MSW:Post-Xmas U11 Div 21024324.30435.540
    MSW:Post-Christmas Open T20 Heat League1820611.44375.540
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U11 Div 25593617.022144.360
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U10 Div 13678621.831206.550
    QSDCA:B1 Grade129228017.675464.173
    MSW:Post-Xmas U11 Div 21536324.20894.060
    MSW:Pre Christmas U15-17 Open Div 2 Red3865217.161673.901
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U11 Div 247123826.342135.800
    QSDCA:C1 Grade85268731.615644.762
    MSW:Post Christmas U13 T20 Heat League1827515.28574.810
    MSW:Post Christmas U14 T20 Heat League1840322.39577.031
    MSW:Post-Xmas U10 Div 1815319.13207.650
    MSW:Post-Xmas U121953628.21836.460
    MSW:Pre-Xmas U10 Div 21326420.31406.600
    MSW:Post-Xmas Super 7s00 0  
    MSW:Post-Xmas Super 7s00 0  
    MSW:Post-Xmas U10 Div 200 0  
    MSW:Pre-Xmas Super 7s00 0  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team

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