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Wet Weather


If your game is on a turf wicket then the groundsman decides if the ground is fit to play.  Your team’s Coach/Manager/Captain will be advised.   They will advise you.  If you have received no such advice please travel to the ground.  Please do not call them or other people in the club.

For other fields, in the case of wet weather, and where team Coaches or Managers have been unable to confirm the status of playing conditions at the scheduled venue, you should travel to the ground, and confirm whether the game is to proceed, rather than risk a forfeit by assuming that the game will be cancelled. It should be remembered that weather conditions can differ greatly from one suburb to another.  Again please do not call the Coach/Manager or other people in the club.  They will call you if necessary.

The aim at all times is to play some cricket, providing it is safe to do so.  This may mean coming on and off the field between showers. 


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