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Volunteer Application Process


This information applies to Operational and Service Delivery roles only.  Management Committee roles are advertised separately and elections are held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).


Step One:

The support people will have discussions with members to find appropriate volunteers in their portfolio.  Timeframes are:  Service Delivery (Team Roles) – from sign on to start of season and Operational Roles – advertised at start of the season and filled at the same time as the AGM (in November) unless there is a vacancy at an earlier date.


Step Two:

Prospective applicants will express interest to their support person either verbally or by email.  The support person will refer them to the appropriate Task Sheet on the website.  Task Sheets are available herehttp://www.wpccricket.com.au/All-Roles.aspx?rw=c

Please refer below for the appropriate support person.


  • The support person for the Social Media Admin, Website Admin, Registrar is the Secretary
  • The support person for the Clothing & Merchandise, Canteen & Social Organiser, Registrar is the Treasurer
  • The support person for the Captain, Vice-Captain, Coach, Ass Coach, Manager, Junior Blaster Coordinator, Master Blaster Coordinator, Equipment Officer/First Aid Contact, Scorer is the Senior Manager  or  Youth Manager  or  Junior Manager
  • The support person for the Senior Manager, Youth Manager, Junior Manager, Director of Coaching, Academy Manager, Equipment Officer & First Aid Contact is the Cricket Operations Manager
  • The support person for the Grant Writer is the President


Step Three:

The Junior, Youth and Senior Managers will discuss the applications with the Cricket Operations Manager.  With reference to the other roles, the relevant Management Committee portfolio holder will be responsible for choosing the correct applicant in their portfolio.  If there are multiple applicants or an applicant may not be appropriate, the Management Committee will make the final decision.


Step Four:

Once a decision is made, the support person will notify the Secretary.

 Once successful volunteers will need to complete the following:

  • Online Induction:  The Secretary will send this to you as an email
  • Current Blue card:  Most roles require a current Blue Card.  Please email the Secretary secretary@wpccricket.com.au if you need to renew or apply for a Blue Card

Step Five:

The Secretary will update the applicant’s Blue Card status (where required) and email the online induction links.  The applicant (in most cases) will need to have a current Blue Card and complete the online induction process to receive their volunteer payment. Once the survey has been completed (and a Blue Card obtained where required) the Secretary will notify the Treasurer to make payment.

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