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Recent History


In March 2003 Wolston Park Cricket Club & Centenary Cricket Club started merger negotiations. This was done with the view that the merger would provide better facilities for both clubs, a strong support base for the senior club and enhanced pathways for junior cricketers into senior cricket in the greater Wolston Park/Centenary district.  The Wolston Park Cricket Club merged with Centenary Cricket Club in November 2003 to form Wolston Park Centenary Cricket Club.

In the 2006/07 season the Senior teams moved successfully into the Sub-Districts competition with 3 Senior teams and a 20/20 Senior team. The Senior group has subsequently expanded to include a 4th team.

Junior cricket has continued to flourish and the club offers cricket for 5 to 8 years old Junior Blaster, Master Blaster, and stages 1-3 for 7 to 16 years old.

The club runs as one organisation rather than a separate Senior and Junior club. There are several dedicated club members who work hard to ensure the future of the club. A solid pathway has been developed between the Junior and Senior teams.

The Wolston Park Turf wicket ground has been renamed Eddie Gilbert Memorial Field. 

The development of the lit training facility at CJ Greenfields has enabled the club to centrally conduct its training activities for its growing membership.

From the 2017/18 season our club adopted WPC Cricket as our commonly known name although the formal/legal club name is still Wolston Park Centenary Cricket Club Inc.

In 2020 we have been able to add a new synthetic wicket facility at Ducie Park, Darra.  Additionally we have constructed toilet blocks at Eddie Gilbert Memorial Field and Wolston Park Junior Field and enhanced the surrounds, installed a new scoreboard, signage, covered the BBQ at Eddie Gilbert Memorial and revamped the inside of the club house.  

With our access to club controlled facilities at Wolston Park, CJ Greenfields and Ducie Park we look forward to a long cricketing future and further enhancements of our facilities.