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Issue of merchandise/clothing is managed by the Merchandising Officer.  For any matters relating to merchandise/clothing contact merchandise@wpccricket.com.au   To see what's available click here.



To project a good individual image, to promote the image of the team and the club, and to uphold the traditions of cricket, the following dress standards should be respected and complied with by all players (Junior Blaster players excepted as are supplied with a shirt and hat relevant to their program. These come from Cricket Australia and are delivered to your home address.  Master Blaster players are supplied with a cap by Cricket Australia (delivered to your home address) and a shirt by WPC Cricket.


All players participating in a match should wear all white clothing. This can be either short or long sleeve shirts (not collarless T-shirts) and short or long trousers. Footwear should be predominately white.

  • All players are required to purchase a club shirt and broad brimmed hat or cap.  Players are also able to order long pants, training shirts and shorts through the club. 
  • The only headwear permitted on the cricket field is:
    • A White broad brimmed hat with the club logo
    • The club cap 
    • A batting helmet


  • No other headwear will be allowed on the field. Captains, Team Coaches and Managers will enforce this requirement.
  • BATTING HELMETS are mandatory for all juniors from under 11. This requirement is stipulated by MSW – our zone association. Clubs may not vary these rules.  Helmets are recommended for Seniors.
  • For hygiene and health reasons players of all ages are expected to provide their own genital protector ('box').