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The following LIFE MEMBERSHIPS have been awarded:



1992 Jeff Schubert and Gary Hegh

1993 Bob Smith


Wolston Park

2001 Greg White and Brad Freeman


WPC Cricket

2014 Cheryl Behrendorff and Ian Gray

2015 David Behrendorff and Ed Ebert

2017 Ellen Ferris

2020 Anu Perera


A LIFE MEMBER is a person who has provided meritorious services to the club and whose nomination has been passed by the Management Committee and confirmed by a majority of members present at the Annual General Meeting.


Life Members shall be:-

(a)   subject to the provisions of the club's Rules (Constitution)

(b)   exempt from the payment of membership fees

(c)   entitled to vote at a General Meeting if the life member is an active participant in club activities, but if the life member is a non-active member in club programs or activities,  they will be entitled to speak at General Meetings but not entitled to vote

(d)   afforded all the entitlements offered to Player Members  


Life Members shall be limited in number, however no more than two (2) Life Memberships may be nominated in the period between Annual General Meetings.