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COVID Safety Plan

WPC Cricket Club is committed to creating a safe playing environment and has established a COVID Safety Plan and policy to provide guidance on measures in place to minimise any risks and allow cricket to be played. A copy of the plan can be found here (WPC COVID-19 Safety Plan)

Key Messages
Everyone has a part to play in making sure we have a safe environment and the Club asks that all players, spectators and members follow the guidelines. Key steps everyone must adhere to are as follows: 
  • If you are unwell, or have been around anyone unwell, stay home and seek medical treatment if required.
  • Hand hygiene: wash hands or use hand sanitiser on arrival and when finishing, and as required in between.
  • No sharing of equipment - all players are to have their own playing equipment. Team kits are to be cleaned after use. 
  • Social distancing is to be adhered to - there should be a minimum of 1.5m between people at all times. 
  • Register of attendance is required to be completed for all those attending training, matches or any other events.
The Committee have ensured adequate placement of hand sanitiser/soap, disinfectant and cleaning supplies at club venues and in the team kit bags. 

For full measures, please see the policy (WPC Policy for COVID-19 Safety Plan). 

COVID Safety Co-ordinator
The Club has appointed Elizabeth Franklin (Secretary) as the COVID Safety Co-Ordinator. If you have any queries or concern, please contact Elizabeth by email at or phone 0403 237 024.

COVID Related documents: Below are links to the documents referenced in the Club's Safety Plan and Policy.