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WPC Cricket (formal name:  Wolston Park Centenary Cricket) is a proud cricketing club that prides itself on its members and doing cricket well.


We offer junior cricket pathways starting with our grass-root programs Junior Blaster and Master Blaster which provide the perfect introduction to cricket. From there players move into junior zone cricket in a staged approach (Stages 1, 2 and 3) to help them develop the required skills in a fun and action packed way. The stages have been developed based on research, testing and community feedback and are considerate of the physical, mental and emotional development of kids. A key principal of the staged approach is to encourage players to participate at the stage that is appropriate to their ability level rather than just their age.  Generally the stages apply for 7 - 16 year olds.  After that there are opportunities in our Senior Sub District teams.

Our mission:

To foster, develop, and encourage the sport of cricket for the enjoyment of our members and their families in the Centenary/Inala/Forest Lake/Richlands/Camira/Wacol and surrounding areas.

Our Aims:

  • To foster and encourage good sportsmanship and a sense of friendly competition between all concerned.

  • To facilitate the development of the skills of cricket in our players so they can achieve their potential. 

  • To foster and encourage the conventions and traditions of the game of cricket.

  • To insist that all players, parents, and team officials abide by the Aussie Sports Code of Behaviour and the rules of the competition.

  • To encourage players, captains, coaches, managers, and parents to conduct themselves in a manner that the club would be proud to say that that person belongs to our club.

  • To improve the wellbeing of the local community by providing a medium for a wide cross section of players and their families to form new friendships.  Provide social activities for our members and their families.

Our Home Ground

About WPC Cricket

About WPC Cricket

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