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Register for Junior Cricket

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Follow these steps to register for junior summer cricket. Process is same for other registrations as well. Children are registered under the parent's account in PlayHQ. So do not register children for their own PlayHQ account.

2. Select the "MSW Junior Competition"

3. Select Get Started

4. Enter username and password. If no account create a PlayHQ account. If you don't have an PlayHQ account already, create an account.

5. Your kid's name should appear under "I am registering someone else" section. Select the your kid.

6. Select register as player

7. Next screen enter the school and grade information. Other fields usually filled automatically.

8. Select whether register for pre-Christmas or Full season. Then tick the box at the bottom of the page.

9. (optional) If you have FairPlay voucher, select the "FairPlay Voucher(QLD)"from Government Vouchers section and enter the voucher number. This will reduce the fees.

10. Proceed to next page and complete the registration.

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