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Register for Senior Cricket

Senior cricket registration is via PlayHQ. Following steps describes the registration process.

Open the correct registration link for the competition you sign-up for.

Example screenshots for QSDCA Saturday competition. Steps for the other registrations are same except the season information.

If you already have PlayHQ log-in, use your email and password to login. If no PlayHQ login, proceed with the "Create and account".

Next few steps shows the creating PlayHQ account. If you already have account skip next few steps related to creating account.

Enter your information to sign up to PlayHQ. Ensure you use a valid email address and remember the password used.

Once you click sign up, you will receive a verification code to you email which you used for sign up. Enter the verification code and complete the sign up.

Following steps are related to once you log-in to PlayHQ. If you already had a PlayHQ log-in you should have skipped previous two steps. If you created a new PlayHQ account, make sure you open the correct registration link and log-in to PlayHQ.

For senior cricket, register for your-self. Register family member is valid for junior cricket.

Select register as player.

Enter participant details. Ensure to fill all the fields, otherwise you would not be able to proceed.

Select the registration type (price will be different depending on the competition you play). If you select to register as Casual player, then you will only be able to play game for one day. You need to register as casual player each day you play and need to pay the casual player rate.

This is where player pays the fees. National registration fee is valid for 12 months which is one summer season and winter season.

Click "Link Cricket ID" button. This linking establish the link between PlayHQ and MyCricket. Cricket Australia has introduced a new log-in called "Cricket ID" (different to MyCricket ID). Cricket ID is the email address. If you don't have Cricket ID, sign-up for Cricket ID using the same email you used in MyCricket application.

If you used gmail account for your MyCricket, easiest to use the "Sign in with Google" as authentication process is via Google account. If you don't have Cricket ID please click the "Sign Up" and create a Cricket ID. Once created Cricket ID, log-in with the credentials and complete the link.

If you have any issues with the link please contact Cricket Australia support 1800 274 2538 to fix any issues.

When linked the Cricket ID and PlayHQ account, following screen will appear. Note the "LINKED" section in green.

Process and complete the registration.

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